Info from OPD re potential scam

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The following was sent to me to disperse to the neighborhood--please read :::

Subject: RE: Possible Scam (additional information)
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 12:59:54 -0500

Many thanks to those of you who are paying attention. I just received
additional information from a party who passed on this email. The girls
to another location and left a flyer. The company that these girls
is Novack Enterprises, LLC, 14503 Grover, 334-4850. I spoke with the
and reminded him of city ordinances that require all door to door sales
people to have photo id's, a peddler permit and they can only solicit
8AM - 5PM. Anything outside of those requirements can be grounds for
He said he would make sure they are incompliance.

Hopefully he will be incompliance immediately but please remember the
requirements apply to all peddlers. The only one's who don't need the
are the school children who should be with their parents.

Again, thank you all for reading these alerts and for providing me with
additional information. Your involvement is extremely important to the
police department.


I received the following information from a neighborhood member. Please
alert to this and if you have contact with these people, please call
911 and
have an officer come to your house for any further information and to
out an information report. This occurred in the area 131 & Lafayette
but can
be occurring elsewhere.


FYI... two young girls just came to my door in the pouring rain
offering to
clean a room of my home for free -- their 'company' would pay them $25
to do
this. It sure sounds like a scam to me. I sent them away.

One was a white girl and one was black -- both looked to be late teens
early twenties.

By Melony
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