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I am concerned about our neighborhood and I am just a renter (2 yrs). I have a dog and I take her on regular walks, I have noticed more and more that someone is not cleaning up after their dogs when on walks it is really discusting and it really bothers me that I have to deal with other peoples messes! We really do have a beautiful community and someone is ruining it with dog poop.

Also, I would like to know if anyone has a suggestion for what I should do about my neighbors dog noise? They leave them outside for hours and hours and they bark constantly!! I have counted 4 hours once! I do not know my neighbors and would like to keep the peace, but the only suggestions I have received have been to call 911. Do I have to go to that extreme?


My wife and I have also been renting for about 2 yrs and have noticed that MANY people are not picking up their dog poop and it is disgusting.  It is around the pool area lots of times and that are where kids play.  As for dogs barking if you are near the Thundercloud Loop area there are 2 dogs that non stop bark.  Thankfully we are a couple houses down from them but I have heard an elderly lady yell at them repeatedly.  I am seriously surprised cops haven't been called or that HOA leader wasn't made aware yet and handled this.

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