Kids in Street

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I would like to know where the parents of kids playing in the street are? As I am drving home from work in the afternoon there are kids playing in the street, mind you I have no problem with kids playing in the street but, when I was a kid if a car was comming we would get out of the street, the kids around here seem to think that the car should "get off the street" they flip you off, and dare you to get closer to them. I do not speed around here.   WHATS THE DEAL ?


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 when we were kids we were taught the basic rules of respect for people. today parents seem to operate on the principle that as long as they areen't bothering me , I don't care what they do. And the kids who flip you off and dare you to get closer are a reflection of their parents feelings towards people. Everyone should be able to have fun ontheir street but everyone should remember what the street is for and that is the street is for motor veheicles. Thanks for your concern
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Use to be kids that came around asked to wash your car for money, or buy candy  for school trips.  Where are they now....? Probably all grown up into teenagers who stand in traffic... defying the world and wanting their own independence from the grown ups...   parents are too busy caring about their stuff to think their lil precious could be anything but darlings.

After Hurricane Wilma only days after when most of us were getting our places cleared of debri  and waiting in long lines for gas for generators .. i saw lots of kids roaming the streets.   Not one kid offered to help me ...  I didnt see one kid offer anyone any help...  just bored and wondering the streets. 

Do you think the parents might have asked the kids tio help their neighbors?

Yet Halloween .. only days afterwards ...and along came kids with flash-lights and candles of all things with all the dry debri and dont forget the fireworks from neighbors... roaming the streets begging for hand outs "door to door."  begging for candy... big kids little kids..and parents smoking drinking along the way.  

parents who walk their dogs.. leaving dog feces every where ...just another example of how you can expect kids to treat you and your property... 

police can only do so much ...    

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