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Blizzard of March 2007…

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Here's a tidbit on how a corner of the Morton park area held up thru the ''Blizzard''.

It was definitely a lot of 'neighbor' helping 'neighbor'. Obviously, our neighborhood has it's fair share of older people who are unable to handle a lot of strenuous activity both indoors
and outdoors. Starting out pretty early, my husband John managed to snowblow and shovel not only our property, but also for the elderly lady across the street who I believe is around 86 and for the elderly couple down the hill. Both of these houses are corner houses so you can imagine how much snow that is too clear. Every time it snows John just knows he has three houses to clear. Actually he doesn't mind at all. Our neighbors
are extremely appreciative and call all the time. It doesn't bother John at all I think because he knows how much they appreciate it.

I tell you about John's helping out but really we have a great neighborhood of people in general. After our block is cleared we head to my parent's house only 2 blocks up to clear their driveway and walks but luckily my nephew had already been there. Now
that's a block full of fun and good neighbors. Most had ventured out in the 'calm after the storm' and instead of a feeling of hard work and stress it was a feeling of an unexpected party. Everybody's out doing the same thing, laughing, waving, talking and the kids of course are running around loving it. People who weren't actually clearing snow were standing around with coffee or hot chocolate and just visiting. It was a great chance to just catch-up and slow down for a while. The people on that block are very outgoing and fun. They all just kept shoveling and snowblowing until everyone's was done including the older people without ever being asked. It was actually pretty cool because on a normal day, all these people would be at work and school and just carrying on with their individual lives and instead it was like a free day where we all came together and actually enjoyed the so called Blizzard instead of being
separated in our normal everyday jobs.

I think all neighborhoods have a little bit of good somewhere and that's a place to start.

Lynn Szolek
Morton Park Neighbor
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