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crazy kids

Posted in: Normandy Village
i just dont know what to do, for 3 days now i have been victimized by the same kids. day 1 they physicaly attacked me and my husband, police were called, nothing was done.
day 2 they would come in my yard, knock on the door then go into the street and threaten us, then when the sun went down, they got some friends we've never seen before and surrounded our house like they were gonna do somthing really bad, i called they police 4 times, it took an hour and a half before they arrived, and once again nothing was done about it.
today, they got new people involved they knocked on my door over and over until i would answer, those friends wanted to know why WE attacked THEM!!!!! i couldnt believe what i was hearing. i told them to get off my property and just leave us alone.
about an hour later i heard somthing outside, i looked out the window and they were running out of my yard with my VERY expensive gardentiller/weed wacker, witch by the way was inside my utility room with the door shut, so they broke in, in the middle of the day, with me and my husband home. we both ran out there, my husband had his gun in his hand, so they dropped the tools about a block down the road and were screaming at us to come get it, then they screamed to watch our backs because they are gonna KILL US!!!!!
again i called 911, they didnt even make a report, i have no documentation of any of these events. they did talk to one of the kids, but thats it, talked to him. i begged them to take the tools as evidence and finger prints, but they wouldnt. does anyone know what i should do? im scared for my life, i stay inside like a prisoner with loaded guns all around me, i cant sleep at night im so scared.
someone please offer me some advise.
thankyou for your time.....Mary
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