Growing concern in bloomfield

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In the neighborhood of Bloomfield where I have lived all my life, it is slowly deteriorating. This is mainly because of the section 8 housing in the area. Landlords are renting out to section 8 in the area and the tenants have no concern for the well being of the neighborhood. These tenants do graffiti, sell drugs, and threaten the well being of the neighbors as well as the whole neighborhood with their neglectfulness. They start gangs, litter and cause trouble. Myself as well as a lot of others have noticed the decline of the neighborhood and we are trying to stop the problem. We are going to petition to eliminate section 8 housing in the area and I hope you have the same concerns as me.
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Dear Life-Long Bloomfield Resident:


We, too, are actively working on the issue of Section 8 units and a community's right to stats on public housing in its neighborhood.  Our work and strategy are very serious.  Are we able to join forces?  Have you a legal background?  You are very astute about the deterioration of the neighborhood.  Do you also notice that their are groups busy sweeping the issues under the carpet, here?  A petition won't be enough. Fill us in, won't you?


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