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The code states that weeds and debris over 12" high can be cited as a violation. Unfortunately, the first citation allows a month or something like that to respond. And then there's a follow up. It can take many months before a satisfactory resolution. This has been documented last year at a house on 10th near Hardy. So up to that point it is a personal decision for each homeowner. I've had some luck by writing a letter to the landlord of some houses where the problem has been persistent over months and years. One thing i discovered, is that real estate agents and homeowners selling a house can sue a nearby homeowner if the property is worse than the standard of care per code. you can bet that landlords take this very seriously. Just mention that a house nearby is for sale, and things get cleaned up PDQ! i'm drafting a letter to a nearby house today. 6' tall weeds is pretty obvious. and yet they continue to grow. also,i have taken tools over to houses where college kids are renting, shown them how to use them, and told them to do some work, meet the code in a week, and return my tools. So far, they've been pretty good about it. But in the first place, the landlords should be supplying tools; if a part of the rental agreement is for the renters to maintain the landscape. Everyone has a different sense of esthetics. for example, I'm a big one for trees. for many reasons. doesnt seem like a hard sell, but it can be. i suggest everyone take a minute or two to look over the zoning ordinance, it's online,> < development standards for R1-6, which means: residential, single family, 6000 sf minimum lot size. also general development standards for streets, alleys, sidewalks, right of way, etc. it's a part of the responsibility of being a homeowner to be a little familiar with this stuff. Also the city neighborhood enhancement site: I like the whole thing about talking to your neighbors. And suggest that working on the alley with those behind you and on either side is the best place to start. i can tell you that i've been challenged lately by the weeds in the alley behind my house. i sprayed the weeds in the alley with expensive weed killer at 6 pm last thursday, good timing huh.

I agree, have some pride!!! I walk my dog each day at papago park on curry and college.  Theres lots of homeless people there.  I have shared wth them that them beogn here isnt the problem.  The problwems as I see it is the trash they leave.  I have a very informal arrangement with them, pick up your trash and ill get lunch once a month.  Seems ot have helped some. As for the city, we "allow" these folks to "live" in our park, why dont dont we recruit them to help keep it clean?  


For my little part, I never kleave any trash or dog feces (ANOTHER ISSUE) and i make it a point to pick up at least one pice each day.  I feel if everyone had some pride and did the same thing, our world would be a better place.  


On a side note, homeless peoiple are human beings, say hello or good morning, just be kind to another person each day.  It feels good for both parties.  

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