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Is anyone alive there at the Ventana Canyon HOA? I have received four warning letters from the Ventana Canyon HOA for violations of the HOA policies -- beginning right after my family moved in to the home. Admittedly, the very first violation was a genuine infraction, relating to having numerous garbage bags not in a covered garbage can. This was due to an unusual amount of garbage having accumulated as the result of moving from a home five blocks away, into the new home. Once we received the notice, the situation was resolved (in fact, the very next garbage day it was gone). I FAXed the property Management company, Excellence Community Management, LLC, per their instructions, and notified them the problem was corrected -- my bad. Reasonable request -- reasonable response. Did I ever get an acknowledgement such as, ''thanks for your prompt action, we and the Ventana community appreciate your cooperation, etc., etc., etc. NO!

Here's where it turns into a horror story. Two days after receiving the first notice (which was titled SECOND NOTICE) we received another notice for the same infraction (so that would make this the second Second Notice). I then FAXed the property management company, Excellence Community Management, LLC, per their instructions again, notifying them that the infraction had already been dealt with. This time, I requested that they provide the following:
1.) A copy of the First Notice that I never received, (since their first correspondence to me said that it was the Second Notice).
2.) That, if they could not produce the First Notice, that they correct the HOA records to show that I had only received one notice. (This is important, because if the HOA and I are ever to cross paths again, they can use inaccurate records to show a false history of non-compliance -- how do you fight that?)
3.) A copy of the HOA policy governing how HOA policy violations are required to be handled (e.g., how is a violation identified, what are the requirements for notification, is there a requirement to respond to the homeowner, or is this all a one way communication with no way of knowing if the HOA ever received your response)?
4.) Enable the homeowners to communicate with the HOA via e-mail, or other forms of communication, and provide responses. At least, say something to the effect of, ''thanks for complying -- the HOA'', via postcard, e-mail, note in mailbox, etc.

I also asked that the property management company show the letter with these requests to the Ventana Canyon HOA Board members at their next meeting. The assumption was that reasonable individuals would respond in a reasonable fashion, and concur that a ''No Response'' scenario to homeowners is not acceptable.

Well, that was early July, and this is late August -- anyone care to bet if I have received a response (or not)? And, guess what? Yup, you guessed it -- I just received two more notices of infractions -- one for the same infraction (which has long since been fixed) and a brand new one saying that my dogs have ''deficated'' on my neighbor's yard. I know how to spell the word ''defecate'', but the Excellence (?) Community Management, LLC clearly does not know how to spell it.

More in the next post.

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No More Horror Story

I had the opportunity to talk with the manager of Excellence Community Management. They were very understanding, and promised to monitor further complaints received from this particular source. Communication and a little Excellence after all! Thanks to Excellence Community Management.
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