Animal Abuse. What you can do.

Posted in: Sixth Ave Coalition
Pet owners and animal lovers. If you are concerned about the recent case about an NFL Football Player and Animal Abuse or Animal Abuse in general, go to
Another Case?

Just read where a rapper in Ariz had a raid on his house and they found pit bulls in poor condition and several buried in the yard. One showed evidence of having been burned to death. I can't imagine what the children of these people will turn out like. Hope society acts fast or we will have a bunch of people who grow up looking for roman gladiators as intertainment. These people are sick.
Animal Abused

I agree with you in every way. I saw the story about the rapper yesterday. The web site I posted was misspelled. I wrote and it is ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) There a many simples things we can do. You can sign a petition there. I signed one that went to the NFL and their sposors. Over 300,000. signatures where collected. The NFL and Their sponsors took notice.
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