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Be advised. Per PB County ordinance and Lantern Key HOA bylaws: all pet owners MUST CURB their pets AND CLEAN UP AFTER them. Failure to do so will result in a FINE!

I have re-installed my camera, and I intend to charge ANYONE using my lawn as a pet bathroom.

Keep your DOG OFF of MY LAWN!

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Seriously, if you see someone using your lawn for their pets, just say something to them. There's no need to cause problems and install cameras. It's crazy neighbors like you that make this neighborhood unbearable. Personally I think it is nuts to put a camera just because someone is using your lawn as a bathroom. Get a life buddy.

Unless you are the one bringing your pet onto my property, I don't see why this should bother you.

you are missing the point

First off if you are affected by this, why put your nickel in the pot? Looks like YOU need to get a life!

Secondly, the camera is so that he CAN verify who's not curbing their animal. Obviously if he needs to get a camera, he's not witnessing the act. Dog walkers usually commit their crimes when no one's watching. Or they let their animal roam without control!
Thirdly, no one wants feces in their grass, especially on a regular basis! How about if I came in your yard and left a ''gift'' for you or your kids or guests to step in? I doubt you would blow that off. Its all about respecting other people's spaces.
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