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Dear Neighbor,


Your concern about excessive barking is valid.  I concur.  Otherwise, there would be no legislation about the issue.  As an example, in some neighborhoods 10 minutes of continual barking is the standard used to determine excessive.  Excessive barking can be grating on the nerves.


Dogs do bark, and I appreciate the dog that barks to signal that a stranger is approaching.  But the considerate owner will pay attention and take measures to ensure the barking is curtailed.


It is a difficult problem to call the police about because no doubt the neighbor will be offended, hurt, or angry.  It would be better if no one would even need to call, and that each of us would consider one another.  I suspect you were hoping that by posting this, maybe the result would be just that - consideration.




Pam Clegg, neighbor



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Yes dogs bark but not all day!!!!!

True, dogs bark.  But as others have mentioned, not all day, and certinaly NOT at night when we're trying to sleep.  It's rude to let them bark constantly day or night.  If owners don't take responsibility we invite more laws and government regulation.  I have a dog of my own and I do not let him bark much at all when he's outside.  If he starts barking I bring him inside.


So, please be a good neighbor.  I don't want to hear YOUR dog barking,


I'm sure you don't want to hear mine barking when you're sleeping or watching TV.

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To quote and add to a previous reply to this post from Blendon Township:


If you continue to have issues please notify your police department while the dog is barking. They have to come out and hear the dog barking. They can issue warnings and citations for excessive barking.



614-882-8500 (from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)


614-889-9494 (police non-emergency after hours)

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