Tennis Court - Restore or Remove

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I would rather not pay for the tennis court for the next year. I am fairly confident that the courts add negligable value to our homes, and very few people will make home-buying decisions based on the presence or absence of a local, outdoor court.
I would recommend that we make the area grass, and flat enough that people could play soccer or volleyball, or just run around.
Tennis Court

I do like the idea of a Tennis Court. I LOVE playing tennis and when I purchased the condo here, I actually thought that I was also getting a tennis wasn't until I had already made the offer that I talked to the Manager and he told me that the tennis court is not usable. I think we should analyze more closely the cost. What if many residents were involved in the labor, that could greatly reduce costs. At the meeting there was minimal information/options given as they only presented ONE bid.

Also, a resident at the meeting suggested tearing it down and putting sand in for a volleyball court...I thought this was a good idea as well....
Tennis Court

I'd like to see the court removed.

By Diane
How About a Pea Patch?

If the surface were removed, it would make an ideal place for a pea patch. Those wishing to grow veggies would have a secure place to do so if a padlock were put on the gate. A source of water
would be needed, of course. A flat seasonal fee could be charged each family with a plot, to cover water, soil, rototilling or whatever. It would have full exposure to sun and be a real boon to those of us who would like to eat locally-grown produce. I've wished for this for a long time, and thought over by the cabana would be a good place near water, but there would be no security from veggie thieves without a fence like they have around the pea patch in downtown Kent. Something to consider...
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