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Hello Linebaugh Estates,

We had a very productive meeting this past Tuesday evening as well as a great turn out, thanks to all of you who were able to make it out - it was nice seeing everyone! Here's a summary of took place at the meeting:

The head of the TPD QUAD was present as well as Captain Wolf - they addressed the graffiti incident that took place last week - they have some suspects and very good leads and the investigation is still in progress. Major Bennett is quite upset and has made it his personal mission to get to the bottom of this.

There are a couple of 'hot spots' in the neighborhood that have been addressed, they couldn't go into detail but assured us that they are aware of them and that is also still in progress - hopefully we'll see some resolution soon.

The speeding on Linebaugh, Bougainvillea, Ashley and Ola has been addressed - more importantly on Ola in front  of the elementary school - parents are dropping their kids off in the middle of the street, parking on our lawns, speeding, ultimately creating an unsafe situation for all. The morning after the meeting TPD has been out there patrolling at the start  and the end of the school day - major improvement already - let's hope this continues.

These are the main highlights of the meeting. The officer also gave some tips:

We have some juvenile lovelies that like to steal bikes, remember to write down your serial numbers of your belongings so that when TPD finds it, they can return it to you instead of taking it to the impound lot.

Another thing mentioned that is beneficial to us all is the vacant homes in the area: As foreclosures take place, more houses are becoming vacant which is magnet for school skippers, homeless, squatters - the list goes on.  If you have a vacant house near you, please take a moment and go pick up the tons of phone books that are sitting out there, the trash thrown on the ground, close the fences, etc.  We have two on our streets that have had some activity lately and we're going to spend some time getting them cleaned up - it makes the neighborhood look better and maybe they'll think twice about stopping at the vacant house if they see it's being taken care of.

If you're reading this and one of your neighbors that you know does not have computer access - please go update them! They'd probably love the company and would be grateful to hear the information.  We all need to work together to get the word out, we all live here, let's make this a nice place again.

Last thing - mobile patrol: The certification is 4/30/09 at the district 2 office on 30th and Annie @ 6:30pm. It's about an hour long. If you need an application, please let me know (TPD does a background check) so I can get it to you.

TPD non emergency # is 813 231-6130 - call if you see any suspicious activity, or even activity you're not sure is suspicious or not. They'd much rather come check it out and it be nothing than risk someone getting hurt or robbed.

Keep an eye out folks!

Thanks again


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