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Mayfair Sept. News letter

Mayfair Sept. News letter


It's hard to believe another summer is gone and the holiday decorations are already appearing. I don't know about you but time is passing way to quickly. Remember when we were kids and Labor Day was the official end of summer vacations and holiday decorations were put up around Thanksgiving?

Sat. Oct. 23 from 8:00am - 2:00pm Is the date chosen for the Mayfair Garage Sale. This is a excellent opportunity to get rid of items you are no longer using and make a little holiday spending money. If you are planning to participate contact More information next month.

Wednesday, September 8 there will be a Preliminary Budget Board Meeting at 6:00 pm. at the Club. At this meeting the Board will discuss the budget and try to put together a proposed budget to present to the membership. Then Wednesday, October 20 the Budget/Annual Meeting will take place at 6:30 pm.. Phyllis Krieger and Ann Diller are up for re-election. Please try to attend both meeting.


In the past Mayfair has applied for and received Grant Money for several projects to improve our community. This year the Mayfair Board decided that we would not apply for a grant. Grant Money we received for 2010 was used for the Safety Fair. A lot of time and effort is needed to apply for a grant and this year I am just up the task. If anyone is interested in helping put together a plan for receive 2012 Grant Money please contact me:



From Lisa Timmer ( )Neighborhood Affairs Liaison Tampa Police Department Uniform District Two: From time to time I will receive e-mails from people regarding e-mails they have received that appear to be fraudulent/scams. I consulted with our District Two Economic Crimes Det. H. Watkins, and she advised that complaints can be submitted on the below website/link. It is very informative. Please feel free to pass this info along your friends. Internet is a great tool, but unfortunately scammers use it too shopping for victims.


Bevin Maynard,Safe Kids Tampa led by St. Joseph's Children's Hospital is passing this along this information.

Free bike helmets for kids - This is from Mary Shedden, the Tampa Tribune's 4You Health Reporter:

Kids planning to ride a bicycle to school can get a free bike helmet from the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. Head injuries are a leading cause of epilepsy and seizure orders. An estimated 42,000 people a year die from seizure-related injuries. The program is supported by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation, which estimates that every $1 spent on helmets saves a person $30 in health care costs.For information about the free safety helmet, call 1-877-53EPILEPSY, or visit


An FYI from our neighbor Zac Atlas: South West Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD or swift-mud as they are often called) says we can actually water twice per week as set forth in their guidelines ( However there are stiff penalties for over-watering or watering at the wrong times (See: If you are like me you can choose to turn off your irrigation system during the rainy season provided that there is enough rain and you are willing to keep a close eye on the weather and your lawn. Upon request through Cass via a work order, Cornerstone was very gracious and showed me the total workings of my irrigation system including how to work the rainbird timer, test my sprinkler heads, etc. As we seem to be exiting from a >3 year drought in Florida ( ) it is always best to conserve (not to mention the impact on our water bills) and save the water we have for our long and sometimes very dry, dry season.

Several homeowners have commented how nice our newly trimmed trees look. Even though our budget took a hit by doing the tree trimming most residents agree it was money well spent. Several of our homeowners even chose to trim their back trees at there own expense. Cornerstone seems to be working out well. Keep in mind that you need to fill out a Work Order when requesting service on your yard or sprinkler system, The form is on our website:


On July 15 a bobcat was spotted on Ashley Park Place. Neighbors were notified by Mayfair's email-tree to keep an eye out for it until the bobcat moved on. There seems to be more wild life around now that we are getting more rain. A huge snake was spotted slithering in the grass this afternoon. A few mornings ago there were a few deer in the yard two doors down. AH, the beauty of nature!! Mayfair is a great place to live!


Posted by aldiller on 09/15/2010
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