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Dude, Garbage and Recycle Bins

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Yeah, there is some dude who is going around like "Monk" moving recycle and garbage
bins along the terrace.  He likes to space them evenly across not caring to whom they belong 
to.  This makes it difficult for the resident to LOCATE his or her bins!  He even put a recycle 
bin along the invisible partitioning line of two places where one side of the bin was in front 
of one place and the other side in front of the other place.

He used to roll a garbage bin that was on the terrace up into a resident's yard even though
that resident had his or her own two bins set in his or her respective spots!
He should already know that he should lay off from doing those things since he is a "real 
estate investor" and his wife, Kathy is a "volunteer" Board member, Vice President and 
Secretary of Carmel Oaks Condominium Association.

I do not know if AGENT ORANGE got to him or if he needs to go to a PSYCHIATRIST!
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Someone recently moved and had items in the recycle bin.  However, they were taken out 
and set on the terrace beside the garbage bin. The recycle bin was moved further away from 
the items and garbage bin.   The recycle bin should have been set back in the yard of the 
building it pertains.  It was obvious to where that bin needed to be placed.   Also, about two 
days later, that bin along with others were moved from the terrace and set in the yards of residents!
That male should move that bin back to the building it belongs and move the other bins out 
of the residents' yards.
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