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Has Your Car Been Towed?

Posted in: Stonebridge Commons

On the very first day of my lease at golf view which is right over the other side of the golf course on town center blvd, my car was towed. Evidently there is not a single days grace period for one to get to the office so you can get a permit. I would expect a much better client experience for new residents than to have my car towed as a welcome. Their answer was that I was provided a copy of the rules and regs before move it. Yes I also made the assumption they would notify security I was moving in since they had my plate and car info that should have been sufficient for the security to be aware I was a new resident. I will not be renewing my lease or recommending this property. The HOA was unwilling to call and straighten out the mess and that just added to an already tapped out moving budget so I will never forget this experience. There is nothing that justifies treating people this way as if we are section 8 or welfare recipients moving into a project or something. I work full time to pay full rent for a nice place and a good school zone. This has been a very poor experience for my family. I had dental surgery that day that I was unable to make and so I had to stay in pain while dealing with my missing vehicle. I am outraged. Obviously the HOA in this area gets a cut of those towing fees because I cannot think of any other reason for their obvious loyalty to that crooked towing company.

DearMoney mouth Golf view,  Section 8 or welfare recipients should NEVER be treated poorly.  No matter how much or how little a person makes............that should NEVER be a reason to be treated poorly.  I feel sorry for your bad experience.  I live in a ghetto.  I don't make alot of money.  HOAs are crap.  Kickbacks are crap.  Chalk it up to experience. Innocent Be blessed you live in a nice neighborhood & have a nice school.  Sincerely, Neglected Tennis Courts viewCry

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