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No Welcome - No Contacts

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Not sure if anyone else has run into this but I've lived in the community for a little over a year now and have no communication from the HOA except for a few days ago when I received a letter from an attourney's office with fines for non-disclosure of sale. Up until now I received no bills, no "Welcome to the Neighborhood, here's more information about us", nothing. Even on that letter I have no phone number. I can't even call them. I had to break my back here searching for any way to contact them and the only thing I've found is a voicemail service that I have yet to hear back from. Do these people even have a location or is this some j/off running a buisness from his garage? I sure hope someone contact me soon because I don't have the extra money to take them to small calims court, and I don't want this to effect my ownership of the house. Welcome to the neighborhood, indeed.

You are not alone.....we purchased our home in 2007 and we have only just become aware of HOA meetings. That is one of the reasons why this website was made, to try and keep residents informed. We also recently made a Facebook page "manatee creek neighborhood watch" that people from the neighborhood post on. I just found out that there is a home owners meeting on October 20th 5-7pm the president and officers will be voted in at this meeting so I urge you to attend. I know that the officers have pretty much been the same people for the last several years. It's time to get involved. And welcome to the neighborhood :)

Thanks Neighbor

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