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Gentrification of Black Broward

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Is anyone in St. George concerned about our community being overcom by the wave of gentrification in central Broward? Have you noticed the heavy flow of real estate agents in our neighborhood and the signs posted asking to buy homes in the area for cash? Did any one read the December 12 Sun Sentinel article entitled ''The Price of progress'' by Brittany Wallman and John Maines? We are at risk of being displaced with the help of the people voted into office to protect us. We need to protect ourselves by becoming informed and involved. The poverty level in the affected and soon to be affected areas will not change until we collectively make an effort to change our economic habits. I would like to hear what other residents in our community have to say about this subject. If you need a copy of the article just e-mail me.
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I agree that the community should arm themselves with information.  I am a licensed realtor of almost 20 years so I have seen the ups and downs.  The rule of thumb is if you are getting a cash offer before you even put the property on the market, it is most often true that you could sell it on the market for more than the offer presented.  Sometimes the difference is amounts is sizeable so be warey of the quick and easy cash deal, as you might be losing money on the transaction as oppose to the open market.  This doesnt mean that you shouldnt sell but if you do decide to, make sure you are chosing the right price.  The market is created by desire vs opportunity.  There are multiple cash buying companies that exist in todays market and they are shopping multiple properties at the same time and all they need is one to sell.  I know a wholesaling company that does business and they will not buy anything that can not sell for double after they purchase. Wholesalers wont will even sell your contract to sell to another party for a higher amount netting profits before you even close.  These are profits that you could have realized had you put it on the market with an experienced realtor.  Most people dont know what they have and generally sell because they hear a higher price, but do your research the information is free and dont let anyone tell you to sell at assessed value that is in place for tax assesments.  If you dont know the value of your home you can go to and tell them that you want a free Broker Price Opinion and there is no obligation to make any commitment nor pay any fees, no credit card information needed just your address you want value on, and your email address is needed.  I am currently overseaing free courses to educate sellers and buyers to the nuances of the current real estate market.  If you are going to sell dont settle for a price that is giving it away.  There has also been an increase to government funding in down payment assistance, there are even new bills passed in Florida that give you certain advantages to foreclosures auctions.  Genterification happens because partly because the real deals are in areas that havent been considered for living by the more wealthy or knowledgeble that generally have more options and financial capabilities avaible to them. works with all indivisuals and can guide you on the path to home ownership in areas you might have though out of your reach as well as higher sales prices that what you might have actually thought was possible.  


Hi everyone....This Neighborhood link is insightful, so thank you.

I am a soon to retire school teacher from Connecticut. A property in Oak Woodlands Jennings FL has caught my eye. I am trying to do my research from afar but could use some help. Is this association disolved?  I went to the website. Dead - not one photo of a thriving active community. no photos of the community pool, etc. If I'm to pay about 220/yr I want to know where my money would be going. I'm in love with the parcel. I would just appreciate it if someone could reach out to me in an email and fill me in on this neighborhood, maybe send video driving down the road, the pool. Etc. I am not looking for extravagence, just a simple life. Would it make a difference if the association disbanded? Like would the walking trails, pool, lake access stop, or would the community residents take over and form a new board?  Please inform me. Thank you.   teachgymgirl      at     yah.....     .com


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