New a/c & heat unit for clubhouse already?

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While driving past our neighborhood clubhouse on Friday, December 18, I saw a company hauling in a new HVAC unit to the clubhouse.  Surely it didn't need replacing already.  The clubhouse is only about 4 years old and isn't used constantly.  We don't have to replace the units in our homes that often and they are put to much greater use.  Does anyone know what the reason for the replacement was?  I hope it was done under warranty since almost all a/c companies offer warranties longer than 4 years.  Was more of our dues money wasted again?  I doubt many bids were collected for the job.  Every time I've inquired as to the number of bids obtained for a service hired by management I've gotten the same answer - only one.  They're probably all buddies with the management company.  That's not to say that every service needed has only had one bid, just every one of them I've inquired about trying to learn why so much is needlessly spent.

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The origional HVAC system was not properly installed so both external units and air handlers were removed and replaced with brand new heat pumps.  This was done at the contractors expence and did not cost the association a penny.



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