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Was anyone at the meeting last night?  What do you think about the new management company concept? 


Actually, I'm excited.  I hope they do good things, 'cause from what I'm seeing, it's not doing very well right now.  Hopefully, that place can be made fun again - and make money. 



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I think the management company will be an improvement and hopefully bring the fun back to the club, it can only get better; I just hope we can afford it.

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I agree with the board's decision to hire a management company.  There were a lot of upset people at the meeting, but I believe this was only because the presentation of this decision was not handled as well as it could have been.


The main point to take away from the meeting is that the management company has identified enough cuts / efficiencies / savings that their management fee is essentially cost neutral to the association.  So we get professional management without increasing the budget.  This was not made clear until towards the end of the meeting, and by then some people were so fired up there was no calming them down.


Bottom line, I'm very optimistic that this will help Turtle Cove get back on the right track.





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Is the new company going to do something about the number of rental houses with multi-families living in them?

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