Weeds and Street signs

Posted in: Hunters Mill

Recently I have noticed mant lots in the Hunters Mill sub division have allowed the weeds to get out of control? I am referring to those areas between the tree line and streets, especially between sidewalks and streets. Additionally, the street identification sign posts are leaning with the labeling either peeling off or extremely faded. As homeowners we are required to pay $ each year to the HOA. I for one would like to know why something can't be done about these things. If these things continue, this will become just another run down San Antonio neighborhood. There are approximately 350 homes located here. If each homeowner is paying lets say 4250 per year to the HOA, well-do the math. Where is this money being used? It would seem to me, that its reasonable to expect at the very least, the weed issue mentioned above could be addressed. If the homeowner doesn't have enough pride of ownership to handle this? Hire someone to mow it and bill the homeowner.

Correction to the above post - HOA fees should read approximately $250 per year. Sticky keys made me do it.....

HOA is always quick to correct errors involving the $ amount paid for HOA fees, but never address the issue raised?????

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