June 2013 - ' A Bird's Eye View' Newsletter

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Well, what do you know, a newsletter hits my mailbox. Did I miss any or was there none written and sent out for over a year or more now? Yes, it's a job to put one together but come on. This one should have been name 'The Audubon Society' June 2013 newsletter. After all the front page has nine small pictures of birds in our rookery. Yay! Is that all we have to talk about? You ask for ideas, I could give you a few off the top of my head but I won't because you wouldn't like what it is I would want to discuss. It would not make a positive newsletter for sure.

There is this eyesore in the community that I'm sure some of the residents would like something talked and done about. Monique, how about looking into that and interviewing some residents, making some calls and get something done. I don't have to even say what I'm talking about, I hope.

Is there anything on the drawing board or is it just the same mow, cut and blow every month and the once a year budget thing? 715 homes and this current newsletter is void of anything that interests me. I have read about this rookerie many times in the past. Why is every newsletter editor stuck on that article? It is easy to write about I guess.

At least you published the meeting schedule. Not that anyone goes but the usual few and the board members. How about some financial statistics? Or is that considered taboo to talk about in public? I'm done.

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