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Tuesday 4/13/21 6 PM. Are You Up To Code?

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Are You Up To Code? Zoom Class on Codes in Charlotte

Are Your Up to Code? - Tuesday, April 13 | 6:00 PM


We can all agree that Charlotte is a growing and thriving city. With that said, we all have a shared responsibility to maintain a safe and desirable community. One way you can be an active participant in improving our quality of life is to become more knowledgeable on city code ordinances. This training, presented in partnership with Code Enforcement, Keep Charlotte Beautiful and CharMeck 311, will focus on how to:

  • Achieve compliance by educating yourself on the most common code violations
  • Identify and remedy possible violations in your neighborhood
  • Properly report observed code violations
  • Improve and beautify your community through Keep Charlotte Beautiful 

There will be a Q+A opportunity following the presentation. We hope you’ll join us for this insightful conversation!

This training will take place via Zoom. Registration is required. All registrants will receive login information via email prior to the training. 


Don't forget if you want to know the do's and don'ts and be in Code take the zoom class Tuesday 4/12/21.    Registration is required.


Code enforcment fines for the most part start at $150.   They can increase to $250 or even $500 if the bad behaviour / violations continue.  

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