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Madison Park: the Fifties meets the New Millennium

Started in the late 1950's, Madison Park was one of the first modern post World War II neighborhoods in Charlotte. Designed to cater to middle class families, yet incorporating the latest home features of that day, this neighborhood has shown great staying power even into the 21st Century. Property values continue to grow, and the location being so close to uptown/center city Charlotte make this a reasonably priced and very desirable place to put down roots. The problem is in finding available homes for sale, since there are still many original and even 2nd generation owners in residence!


Situated within walking distance of SouthPark, and Park Road Shopping Center, our neighborhood truly is a blast from the past! With elementary and middle schools in our boundaries, most amenities are within easy reach, making the Madison Park area a mini-city within greater Charlotte.

We have everything from pit-cooked Barbecue to Orthodontia, groceries to shoe repair, hardware to movies, and the banks to help us pay for all of it. Our residents typically run their errands within a 2 mile radius of the Seneca/Wedgewood intersection.

Madison Park Homeowners Association Meets

Our Association meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at Pinewood Elementary located on Seneca Place.   Madison Park Homeowners Association welcomes all residents that live in our community both Homeowners and renters to particpate in making our neighborhood a GREAT PLACE TO Live!


About our association


Madison Park

Madison Park Homeowner's Association is all about neighbors helping neighbors. The association exists to ensure that the quality of life and the appearance of our community is maintained to high standards. We all know it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the aesthetics of any community, and as such, the Association is very committed to adhering to the codes and ordinances of the City Of Charlotte, in order to maintain our property values.

Everyone is Welcome!

Madison Park Homeowner's Association is not just for homeowners. We encourage tenants of rental properties, Section 8 tenants, landlords and investment companies owning properties in the neighborhood to join us in keeping Madison Park a great place to call home. You’re always welcome at any meetings or events we have; we like having everyone join us. The sense of community and the diversity of our friends and neighbors in the area all contribute to making Madison Park a great place to live!

Landlords and investment property/management companies are expected to select tenants that will adhere to neighborhood standards, as well as all city zoning and code ordinances. If a tenant fails to do so, they will likely hear from City Code Enforcement, and the property owner/investor will hear from us.

Some of the quickest ways to draw attention: Parking on the grass or sidewalk, leaving junk at the curb for extended periods of time before garbage collection days; leaving your roll-out container out for days after the City has completed neighborhood pick-up; storing junk or leaving trash on your property in view of the street and/or your neighbors; having junk cars or trucks in your yard; failing to schedule bulky item pick ups, and even something as simple as not maintaining the exterior of your home or your lawn (keeping the grass cut, removal of fallen trees, etc.) or property.

While our neighborhood association has no enforceable restrictions or covenants, residents in the neighborhood are expected to observe all City ordinances and zoning laws, and maintain community standards.

Our neighbors are usually willing to lend a hand, especially if your lawnmower is in the shop; you’re ill or temporarily disabled and your leaves need to be raked; you're leaving town and you need your trash can taken off the curb after pick-up day. Ask your neighbors - you will find many willing to help out on a short-term basis. You can always contact the Homeowner's Association through this website, as well, if you need assistance and we will work to line someone up to help you out.

Annual Membership Dues

Madison Park HOA is a non-profit organization, however, we do ask you pay $20 per year  to cover membership dues for your household.   Money raised by membership dues help fund HOA activities within the community, such as our participation in National Night Out, and HOA activities such a Matching Grants, and our Holiday Social. The association does whatever it can to assist with all types of issues. Sometimes it is simply assisting by directing residents on where to go for help. but we'll do what we can for almost any situation. We work with CDOT, the Char-Meck Police Department - Westover Division, Code Enforcement, Zoning Enforcement, City Government, Parks & Recreation, City Council, the Office of the Mayor, and our City Manager to obtain assistance for all types of problems.

Come out to our next monthly meeting to find out, in person, what we do. You can also get great information here on our Neighborhood Link website. Visit the website often ( to keep up on current issues, and for local resources for City and County departments. Our monthly meeting minutes online provide you with some good insight into what we do for YOU!

We hope to see you at one of our meetings or events soon!

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