Lights On & Lock Car Doors

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We are in the process of getting together a town watch committee. Many of you know we have had several thefts in our neighborhood. The board is asking that everyone leave their garage light on every night. We are hoping that a well lighted neighborhood may reduce some of the thefts and vandelism.

We are also reminding everyone to lock any cars that are in your driveway. We have had several neighbors have things stolen out of their cars.

We will keep you posted on the town watch information.

Thank you.
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Be sure to lock cars

On Jan 19th we woke at at 12:30 AM to hear our garage dooe opening, as I looked outside one of our cars doors was open and the dome light was on inside car. We had door from gare to the mudroom in house locked -as we always do -and I don't think anyone tried to get in house. State police came and said they've had some reports of cars being opened -anyway-always lock your car and maybe keep those garage remotes out of site. Nothing at all was stolen -we were lucky. Police said it may have been as simple as teenagers looking in garage for beer-
Let me tell you -hearing the garage door open -when you are sound asleep is unnerving! Lock it up.
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