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The Concept: 

A Pass It Forward volunteer mentor invites some friends into their living room.  The host of this PIF event asks their friends to look at the 
100 Ways To Pass It Forward - The friends are then asked to choose one way (in their heart) and your volunteer mentor will help you find 99 other like minded people or organizations like you, and help put you all together. The "A United World" website will provide all of the tools necessary to implement your idea so you can make a difference in this world! 


Hosting a Pass It Forward event is a great way to connect with folks in your community and discuss 100 Ways To Pass It Forward.  

Our "Pass it Forward Volunteer Mentors" will help you find your purpose, passion and put it into action.  For more information - sign up for our 30 Minute Pass It Forward Chat Challenge

Once your mentor helps you, you may want to consider doing the same thing for others.  In order for you to put together a successful event, your volunteer mentor will walk you through each step and provide you all the free resources you will need based upon your talents..

Step 1: Register your Event

Take a moment to register your event online. Posting your own Pass it Forward event online means you can get your own web page for your event, invite others to your event, track RSVPs and send details and reminders to your guests.


Remember, make your event searchable if you^d like to allow supporters to RSVP. Make your event unsearchable if you wish only to invite friends and family.


Step 2: Invite Friends, Neighbors, and Colleagues.

Start with people you know. Think about friends, family, colleagues and neighbors.  Aim to invite a couple dozen people to your event, and try to ensure you have at least 10 -15 guests.


You may also want to reach out to your larger community.  You can create your own event flyers and post them at your local coffee shop, grocery store, or library.


Encourage all of your guests to RSVP for your event so you know how many people to expect. Also, don’t forget to send an email to all of your guests a day or two before the event to remind everyone of the event’s details.


Step 3: Get your Materials in Order

There are some things you should have ready before your Pass It Forward Event.  Contact and we will send you the latest version of our PIF powerpoint presentation.  

PIF Powerpoint Gray.ppt
1619K View as HTML Scan and download


PIF Powerpoint White.ppt
189K View as HTML Scan and download

Event Flyers
Create your own personal event flyer.


Issue Flyers
Think about printing out flyers
detailing the Pass it Forward Movement Activities.

At Your Event....


Guest Sign in

Make sure everyone signs in. Wait a few minutes to let everyone arrive before starting.


Welcome from Host

Introduce yourself and share your story.  What inspired you to get involved in the Pass it Forward Movement? Tell why you have decided to host this Pass it Forward Club?  Talk about helping another like minded person get what they wanted.  What were the results?


Group Introductions

Have everyone introduce themselves and share their story about what inspired them to get involved.  Get to know each other – Althought you may be doing completely differenct tasks, you may be spending important time collaborating on how to help make the world a better place. 


People Helping People

Ask all your attendees to participate in the 100 Ways To Pass it Forward.  Settle on a time and place to meet before you set up the Pass It Forward Club.  


In Closing

Thank guests for coming and ask them if they would like you to help them (as their volunteer mentor) find their purpose, passion and put it into action.  This exercise will be carried out one-on-one with your guest at another time that is convenient for both people.  In the meantime, the guest may want to answer a few questions and send the host their mission statement.   


It’s people like you who make the Pass It Forward Movement for CHANGE possible.  Tell your story  to Good Morning America.

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