Loud Music, Dogs Barking, Big Parties-Oh My!

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Hello Everyone,


I hope you greeted your neighbors today with a smile. It nice to know that we live in a world where one can communicate kindly with his or her neighbors harmoniously. However, for the past several years, I have had a problem with loud music. Well, it's actually the "base" of the music that’s a disturbance. The base shakes my windows and has knocked products off the shelves of my bathroom, yikes!


I've went to the residence on Ireland Avenue several times on a very friendly note to find a teenager playing music in what appears to be a non-mobile vehicle. I've explained more than once that it's not the volume; it’s the base of the music that causes a disturbance and asked if it could be lowered, but to no avail. Also, when I've visited to make contact with his parents, they are not home (so he say), which is unfortunate.


I hope we all are considerate of our neighbors not only with loud music, but excessive dog barking, and crowded streets during parties. It's nice to bring your dog inside for excessive barking and notify neighbors when one host a large party, especially one that goes late in the evening. We all know that parking is a problem and no one wants to be blocked in his or her driveway.


Friendly Reminder: the mail carrier will not deliver mail if cars are blocking the mailboxes. In addition, let’s keep in mind that our homes cannot host parties for 50+ people and I say this with a light heart. I would love to throw a big bash at my house, but I only invite a reasonable amount of guest due to parking and hazard safety. I find reception facilities are best for larger than usual parties.


Nevertheless, I hope this post is received well. We all want to live in harmony and co-exist with each other in peace.

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