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A collective community of people who are active with putting an end to noise pollution. Gathering Citizens, Legal Experts, Law Enforcement and helping to enact laws to protect citizens who are experiencing a loss of peaceful living. In today's, too many people suffer from the chaos of others. It is time to put a stop to it and end the noise.


This forum is for productive ways we as a community can come together to actively pursue solutions for peaceful living and petititon the right channels for laws, support and enforcement that will help people everywhere reclaim their right to living peacefully.


If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise. We are in need of legal experts, law enforcement, political officials, health professionals and citizens who are willing to collaborate to bring about a healthy change.


The mission is to bring awareness and positive change to the community of the responsibility for neighborly peaceful living. Offering insights on the benefits to the well being of all in the community when peaceful living is encouraged. Defining the laws of unacceptable noise and deliberate noise. The cause and effects of noise pollution overtime on the well being of individuals. Too often without these parameters many honest, hardworking individuals are forced to leave their homes due to inconsiderate neighbors.


In this economy, finding an affordable and quiet place to live has become more challenging. With increased stress and responsibilities, individuals who seek the peace of their homes to recharge are finding it increasingly difficult to relax. This increases tensions in the population which can lead to depression, frustration, disputes, and in some cases violence.


The only way to bring about positive change is to become active and begin breaking down the barriers, the excuses and create a way for everyone to create a more peace in their individual lives that will breed peace to others. Let's stand up and make a change. No one should ever feel that they are at the mercy of negligent neighbors.


Please feel free to add yourself to the community.

All are welcome.


This is not a complaint forum, this is a proactive forum. Which means when you participate and share your experience, you have the right to share your challenge with respect, no profanity and needing or providing a solution. All comments wiil be moderated. All comments and members that seek to demoralize the forum and its members will be removed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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