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Dear Overriders:

Monday, June 9, a group of parents and voters got together to organize for passing the override and k-3 override for Balsz District. Rob Potter was elected chairman of the group and Linda White was elected treasurer. The purpose of this group is to increase parent/community involvement in the override issues.

In discussing ideas for passing the issues, the following ideas were mentioned:

-There was a lack of awareness last year of the issue being on the ballot. Even several people who are usually concerned with school affairs had little knowledge of the ballot issue.

-Several people mentioned to a group member that a person at the polling place approached them in a manner they interpreted as intrusive, asking how they would vote.

-Studies have shown that the most effective times to communicate to voters are 3 weeks before the election and 10 days before the election.

-It is crucial to success that the junior high show strong progress and avoid problems early on.

-It may be assumed that people who speak only Spanish are not voters. However, non-voters can help with the override by putting up yard signs, bumper stickers, etc., and helping in other ways.

-Important that teachers avoid comments (during school) to students about the override issues. Students cannot be given election materials at school.

-However, would it be possible to meet students at bus stops and distribute materials?

-Coffee talks are one of our most effective ways to communicate. District personnel cannot advocate on the issue at these forums, but also cannot prevent parents who are there from talking or advocating about it.

-The first day of school is a great opportunity to pass out materials outside the school. Parents/community members would have to do this, as teachers are obviously busy.

-Likewise, welcome events, parent-teacher conferences, school events that attract parents are fertile ground for pamphleting outside schools.

-Visiting neighborhood churches may be fruitful, including churches on our borders such as the Phoenix Christian Academy on 24th St (?).

-Try to seek donations from corporate partners.

If you would like to help keep our schools the way they are now and to keep all our schools open we need you to help get the word out that the override and k-3 override for Balsz District pass.

What could/will happen if the override and k-3 override for Balsz District does not pass. The school district may have to close 1 school. If you do not want this to happen get out and vote to pass the override and k-3 override for Balsz District.

Even though we don't like the changes that have happend already in the school disrict we can't do a thing about now. All we can do is make the best of what we have right now and try to make all our schools in the Balsz district better. If you cloud help pass this on and you would like to help or join our parent/community group please email myself Rob Potter plus remember when school starts we are going to have weekly morning coffee talks this is for all our parents/community to come and set in on and help give input plus here whats going in the Blasz district and our community PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE YES.

Use this link to register to vote

Thank you Rob Potter Balsz District parent/community involvement group Chairman

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