Please Read Rule# 5 of the Greenway Rules Posted at all Entrances

Posted in: Merry Oaks

I have noticed, I am Not saying names a dark haired gentlman with a Short Haired collie walking the Greenway without a Leash. The Same dog is also accompanied by a heavyset blonde woman and a slim dark haired woman with short hair that also has a a fluffy long-haired dog that is beige in color that runs loose on the greenway. Hey Folks this is not a neighborhood dogwalk park that the dogs dont have to be leashed. If I happen to locate the person or persons in question I will NOT hesitate to send animal control to their home each and every time I see them loose in that Greenway. I am not trying to be ugly, however the Law is the law. And Not even Merry Oaks Residents as Well as Masonic Drive residents are immune.

The Rule #5 on the BIG GREEN SIGN Reads:

Unrestrained pets or leashes over 6 feet in Length are not permiotted on Park and Rec Property.

So Folks for the safety of others and just being adult and  a Good Neighbor Please leash your animals when off your property as well as the greenway.



Larry, Nolan and the Kids




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