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This house on Lydia St. was up for sale last fall. I have spoken to a relative of the realtors and was told that the owner has stopped returning phone calls and the realtor removed the for sale sign from the yard. The problem is that the owner has not been seen or been back to the house in months. One of the neighbors has been mowing the front lawn to keep the neiborhood looking good but the back yard has not been mowed all year. It has become completely overgrown and we are concerned about rats and/or other critters that might have taken up residence. Does anyone know how I can reach the owner or get the lawn taken care of? A regular lawn mower will not work unfortunately. I't gone beyond a simple fix. Any help would be appreciated.

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I suggest you call 311 and report the problem to the city.  And, it would be helpful if you could get other neighbors to call and also to repeatedly call until something is done.  If enough complaints are made, the city will respond due to the consistency of the complaints.  I will also forward this address to SACC's housing committee.


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