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This morning I found on one of my cars parked at the clubhouse for just one night, a "Note" placed on my windshield telling me I was not to park here.  Well, after discussing this with a neighbor who has also had a "Note" placed on their vehicle and who has spoken with an Attorney and this is not a LEGAL NOTICE of a parking violation.  So I am letting anyone who reads this know that if you have and your car towed from the neighborhood without a proper " Warning Sticker "  and pictures of the violation taken prior to being towed, you are due FULL reimbursement as well as time missed from work and/or any other legitimate reimbursement you may need to seek from the Association.  This board is a complete JOKE and needs to learn how to be a responsible board members before they just do as they please.  I am sorry I voted for them.  I also, was under the impression one night was ok, just not all the time.  I could understand if my car was there for a while or no tags.


  Already time for a new board

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If you have a problem, please attend the board meeting on August 19th.

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