BEWARE of M. Lato and Excavation company

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I would highly say NEVER EVER to use M.Lato and Excavation company. They cheated us and unfortunately left us with unfinished and unsafe landscaping work. The guy named Mike Lato was in charge and he ended up leaving us with a nightmare to deal with. He stole top soil and big boulders from our property, when asked he said he is going to screen the soil and bring it back but brought back something else. The boulders we never saw again. It was worth a couple of grand for sure and it was part of the original property. When asked why he was taking boulders from our property, he said "I need to make money from this work"!!!  I am not sure why he took a project if he was not going to make money. I guess he wanted to attract customer by giving cheap quote and then when he got the job he started finding others ways to make money from the property. Unfortunately we gave him our landscaping work. It was the biggest mistake of our life. The city of stamford later got involved because of the dangerous nature of his work. Later we came to know from other valid contractors that Mike Lato and his family company got a BAD reputation with all there customers and we are there newest victim.  He left our new backyard with a 40-50 ft steep drop which is equally dangerous and against the law. He could have used our own boulders from the property to make a retaining wall but I guess he wanted to cheat and steal from us from the begining. Even the people who works with him are equally mean and thieves.

We would never recommend M.Lato and Excavation to anyone and will try to aware people of their misdeeds. 

OMG  I wish I could speak to the person who wrote this to find out what they did. I also wish I read this sooner. I am scared. Worried and scared.

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