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I am wondering when the gardening service is going to get better. It has gotten much worse. Our bushes have not been trimmed (well slightly this last round) and the gardeners put no shape or form to the bushes. They leave the mess on the sidewalk. This makes our neighborhood look trashy and what are we paying dues for? Certainly it is not for the ambience that Montefino Village once knew. We have wild kids running through the neighborhood destroying what was once a peaceful pleasant place to live. These children are not the majority in the neighborhood as we have many parents with young children who watch their children while they are playing in the green area or riding their bikes. I feel it is not safe to even walk when these bratty kids are out. They are all from rental homes in the neighborhood. Maybe we should ban skating, skateboards and bicycles from our streets and sidewalks like many areas do.

I agree with you on the gardening service.  When they trim the bushes they never trim the entire thing.  Plus we have weeds in our front yard rocks that they have never taken care of...I wish they would pull them or spray already.  But there is one thing I must disagree with you on and that is the children in the neighborhood.  My husband and I have rented a house there for about a year and plan on staying there for a few more years...and we don't have any children.  Now if the children in the area are destroying property then that should be addressed and I agree that is a big issue but to ban a child from riding a bike or skateboard is ridiculous.  If you are that OLD and CROTCHETY then maybe you should go and live in an old folks home.

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Funny, I was just going to post a complaint on this very subject.  The gardening service has gotten much worse.  WE have not had our bushes trimmed in front of our window or between the houses in quite a while.  This makes the neighborhood look very trashy.  As for the kids, I have complained numerous times about them and the parents don't seem to care.  They leave water bottles all over the grass, jump on electrical and cable boxes.  These kids are really wild.  Unfortunately I live next door to a rental house with two of them.  The mother is rarely out of the house, they destroy the neighborhood.  I feel as this neighbor does that there are many kids and parents in the neighborhood that behave wonderfully and their parents watch them.  We used to love walking our dog or our grandson and we feel it is also unsafe to walk when these bratty kids are out.  I also feel that Montefino is losing the ambience we once had.  The neighbors with the two bratty kids also have a mattress in their backyard that we have complained about, sent in complaint forms to the homeowner's association but it is still there.  They also have a huge dog that barks incessantly, jumps on the gate and has probably destroyed the back yard.  I feel sorry for the owner of this house.  Something needs to be done, but I am not sure how all of us as homeowners would approach this.  No wonder so many people are selling their houses.
With only 135 homes in this area, how many are owner occupied??
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