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Hi everyone,

So I thought I would begin to entertain the idea of building a dock down at our lake.  There would be a few beneficial reasons for having this.  Once the invasive plant species are removed, there will be one large open space left at the mouth of the lake. 


Currently there are two small launching zones for small jon boats and canoes.  These are really the only types of suitable size boats for a lake as small as ours.  When the plant species are removed, the two launching zones will become one large one, allowing people to come and launch large sized boats.  Not saying it would guaranteed to happen, but it would be possible if the wrong person at the wrong time looking for a place to launch their big boat drove by and saw this.  So why not gap the space with a dock?!  But the most important reason for building a dock would be how fun and enjoyable it would be!  Especially during the holidays and get-together party's. 


Generally, the cost of completing such a project is around $30-35 per sqft, which includes labor and supplies.  All and all I think we could get it knocked out for under $5,000 for a 100 sqft. dock. 


What a beautiful addition this could be to our neighborhood!  We are all resourceful people.  Everyone seems to know some one who knows someone that could get something like this done right.  I for one would be willing to lend help in whatever capacity could be useful i completing a project such as this. 


Lastly, while we are at it, why not build or buy a swingset down at the park for the kids.  I know our space down there is limited, just something small and enjoyable.  I think the addition of the two of these could really help 'charm up' our already charming neighborhood. 


Email me your thoughts or comments (, or just post them here.  Look forward to hearing from everyone.

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