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Are You A Good Neighbor ?

Are you a good neighbor? Here are some tips to check up on...

A. This is a neighborhood. We must work together to keep it a positive and safe place to be. The quality of life in our neighborhood depends on mutual respect and concern. We must all uphold a community standard.

B. Remember that the speed limit on residential streets is 25 MPH. Please drive carefully, and be mindful of the many small children in our neighborhood.

C. How we feel about our neighborhood has a lot to do with how our neighborhood looks. Overgrown weeds, eroded yards, trash and junk anywhere and generally uncared for properties promote a negative image for our neighborhood. Rental owners, please make sure your tenats abide by the same rules as everyone else. Let us all do our part to make this a neighborhood we can be proud of.

D. Many of us have pets. If your pet spends time outside, please be sure to clean up after it, whether your yard or someone else's. Dogs should always be leashed, fenced or supervised. Animal Control should be called in the event of a loose animal.

E. Although we do not currently have a gang problem in our neighborhood, we need to be alert and act accordingly if we see suspicious activity or graffiti.

F. All of our children deserve the care and concern of all of us. They are our future. We need to take responsibility for all of them, to watch out for all of them, and to take the time to teach them how important our neighborhood is.

G. The only way to keep our neighborhood safe and secure is to keep our eyes open, report suspicious behavior, and know who our neighbors are. We cannot be afraid to get involved. It is the only way to maintain the good neighborhood we have.

H. Noise can be an intrusion. Excessive BARKING from dogs, music from any source, including car's and stereos, is too loud if it can be heard two houses away, if it can be heard inside another house with windows closed, or if it interrupts another's activities. Please use common sense and be especially aware after 8:00p.m. when many children are getting ready for bed.

I. Car horns are only to be used in emergencies. They are not for announcing your arrival or attracting attention. This is the law. Please refrain from using yours in non-emergencies, and ask your guests and visitors to do the same.

J. It's up to all of us to set a positive example in our neighborhood. Please be sure that language is not vulgar, violent or abusive. Remember that there are many small children in the area and speak accordingly.

Do You Know Your Neighbor?

If you dont know your neighbors... you's why..
One of the most effective ways to reduce crime and create a safe neighborhood is to know your neighbors. Information about those living around you, such as their names, address, phone numbers, and the make of car they drive is a start and very helpful in bettering a neighborhood.

Knowing and USING the names of CHILDREN, KIDS AND YOUNG ADULTS living around you helps them to feel safer, holds them more accountable to preserving our neighborhood, connects them to the neighborhood and families and gives them a feeling of importance. Using their names will create a sense of RESPECT between you and them, and they will be more likely to ask for help when they need it.

Our neighborhood does not have a Neighborhood Watch program yet, so please take some time to get to know your neighbors!

Clean Up Ideas And Suggestions For Your Home And Neighbhorhood

The following are ideas for your consideration to enhance the beauty, appeal, and property values of all of our homes:

- Storm drains: If you have a storm drain in front of your home, please help us all by keeping the drain free of debris.

- Keep shrubs/hedges neatly trimmed. For crime prevention (and appearance), recommend that shrubs and other landscaping not be allowed to obscure windows or entranceways. Also keep lawns mowed and watered.

- Pick up/remove sticks, leaves, and other yard debris.

- If mold/mildew has started to grow on your siding or brickwork, please clean with a pressure washer or by some other effective means. Periodic pressure washing of driveways is also recommended.

- Please take ownership of the curb/street side in front of your property for purposes of edging and removing any grass that has grown in between the street and cement curb. Also recommend that the curb be included the next time you decide to pressure wash your driveway.

- Repair/replace any damaged drivet/siding, roof shingles or decayed wood.

- Paint siding/trim as needed.

- Bury or remove any exposed drainpipes or cables that can be seen from the street.

- Keep driveways free of temporary shelters, or discarded items such as wood, boxes, rubbish, garbage and clutter.

-Keep garbage in its proper containers with lids closed to keep animals out and garbage in. Keep garbage containers out of view.

- Pick up free publications, newspapers, and any other trash found in your yard or in the street in front of your home.

- Remove any discarded yard swings or yard furniture no longer in use.

- Repair/replace/clean mailboxes and posts as needed. For mail delivery and 911 emergency service, make sure your house number is clearly visible on your mailbox or near the front door.

-Keep flower beds clean and tidy.

-If you see litter please pick it up and discard properly, it takes just a moment.

- Please observe the Canyon County Leash Law for dogs. Try to keep a eye on your cats too.

Posted by kennedymeadows on 04/08/2009
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