Speed ''Humps''

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There was some discussion at the last homeowners meetings about speed bumps. I see that Monument Landing has them on their ''main drag'' and they are called ''Speed Humps''. Could their homeowners association be contacted to see what/how they were obtained? I truely think that there are only a few roads that are a problem since most of the roads end in cul de sacs.

Would appreciate other thoughts...

By Vicki
Yes I do agree

I live off of Soaring Flight Way and last night I was terrified going to the mailbox. 3 cars speed past me doing a high rate of speed. SO I agree speed bumps or humps is sorely needed.

I believe we need to start looking at installing some speed bumps (or humps) on a couple of our main roads. The worst one I believe is Soaring Flight Way. People come flying down the road with no regard to our children's safety. Like Vicki said, someone should contact Monument Landing's HOA and find out how they got them and what the cost was. Maybe one of our board members can contact their board members. Thanks!
speed bumps

I am new to the neighborhood with two young children. I have also encountered many drivers who speed through the neighborhood with no regard for others' safety. I also find it very hard to believe that anyone could be able to break for a child while doing 30mps. I personally believe that the speed in a neighborhood like this should be 15mph or that speed bumps should be added to keep our children, pets and walkers/bike riders safe.

By Kerstin
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