Jim Minion for District 14

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Jim Minion LOVES Jacksonville!
Leadership - Opportunity - Vision - Enthusiasm - Service
A Brief Biography for Jim Minion, Candidate for Council District 14
For the past 25 years Jim Minion has loved Jacksonville. Jim and his family arrived in Jacksonville in 1982 when his father, Don, was stationed at N.S. Mayport to serve on the U.S.S. Saratoga, CV 60. This city?’s potential was evident to Jim even in High School. Before Jim graduated Fletcher High School in 1986, he knew that Jacksonville was the place where he would make his home. Jim was accepted to UNF in 1986 and after attending one term there, received a talent grant from Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville where he won awards for his school on the national debate circuit. After two years of good schooling and difficult living in Gainesville, Jim came home to two jobs, an apartment and began the rest of his life in Jacksonville.
Living in Riverside in 1992, Jim quickly responded to the need for leadership in the community. Knowing that the blighted Five Points area would, one day, be re-developed; Jim banded together with a group of citizens who had a vision for the character of the renewed, old neighborhood. ?“A City of Expression?”, as the campaign was named, challenged the establishment in a positive way by removing barriers and creating relationships for positive results. Community involvement creates strong relationships and connections. Jim and his wife, Juli solidified their connection with the neighborhood by purchasing their current home on Forbes St. in 1993. From there Jim opened his current sign company and he and his wife welcomed their daughter Gwendylan into the world of Jacksonville.
From this happy home front Jim has been able to continue his life of community involvement. Downtown master planning, mentoring for the Children?’s Enrichment Workshop, involvement in West Riverside Elementary School Advisory Council and citizen oversight of elections have been Jim?’s areas of service for the past seven years. On the Blueprint for Prosperity Steering Committee, Jim actively participated in planning the 30 year vision for the city and is currently involved in it?’s implementation. In the spring of 2006, Jim received the honor of appointment by the City Council to the Elections Advisory Panel. He and the Panel have overseen unprecedented ballot auditing of the paper ballots from the past two elections. The Elections Advisory Panel will report to the City Council in late February 2007.
Now, Jim is asking you to be involved with our campaign and to act on that vision of building stronger relationships among our neighborhoods, workplaces and the environment . Involvement in this campaign will create a relationship of inclusion, opportunity and interaction between citizens and government which will remove barriers of access to our government. Join us in the beginning of a new year and a new era of leadership for our city. Come out on March 5th and vote for Jim Minion for City Council District 14! It?’s about leadership, it?’s about balance, it?’s about time.
Visit www.jim4jax.us for more info about the District and the campaign.
The Vision for District 14 is the District will be a community that develops stronger relationships among people, neighborhoods, workplaces and the environment.
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