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After being told not to bring their dogs onto the property the neighbors did anyway.  Large dogs.  One attacked my daughter's little dog and that dog has died.  What will animal control do about this?  More took place but I would like an answer to my question.  The police were called and came but did nothing.  That person still has his dogs.

Did you make a police report?

This should be done asap.

I hope your baby is doing well now. The police should take in charge of the street dogs, they are the biggest threat on the road. An infected dog can harm to kids playing in the garden area as well as they can spread various diseases like plague etc...Bringing pets at home is another form of an invitation to the pests like fleas or mites that easily get attracted towards dogs smells and just spread out infectious diseases all over the home. I remembered last month my dog was getting infected and surrounded with fleas and ticks everywhere on his body, even inside ears, it was so difficult task to handle the situation, but somehow we managed. Later on, we decided to contact Exterminator Manhattan NY to get rid of the flea and ticks problems by having some pest controlling at home.

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