Commercial Vehicles and Hoa rules

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I live in a community where no commercial vehicles are allowed in our neighborhoods. We have one my husband has a job that provides him with a vehicle. This vehicle is a huge convenience for us. I drive our family vehicle and we only have one. With this commercial vehicle, the company pays for the gas, and it has every thing essential to my husbands job. My husband is on call very often and needs this vehicle at the drop of a dime. On Saturday it was parked out on the street behind our house, not in front of our house where the HOA will not allow it. A Frederick co deputy put a violation ticket on it. When I called the officer to find out why he told me "no commercial vehicles were permitted in residential areas" We have lived here for 9 yrs. I asked when this law went into effect and was told 3 or 4 years! I was shocked. This is the first time we were made aware of this and it was the first time the truck had been ticketed. My husbands truck was also the only one ticketed and there were other commercial vehicles out on the road.  Were are we supposed to park? This truck provides our families only income. I am a stay at home mom. I have noticed and have been paying attention, On purpose we brought the truck into our neighborhood and parked it in front of our home. Within 3 hrs there was a tow truck to tow it. There were 3 other commercial vehicles parked in front of there houses and none of them were bothered. I am glad they didn't have to pay the tow bill. I was told that by the HOA yrs ago that anything with lettering on it is considered commercial. OK we have police cars that live and park in front of there houses. Fire Chiefs and there vehicles are parked in front of there houses. Does that mean they can't park in the neighborhoods? If that is the definition then yes it should. Our vehicle is just as important to us as the emergency vehicles are to the people who drive them. I think that if we can't park on the street or in front of our houses then we should be able to park at the pool. Or have somewhere safe to put these vehicles that are not to far from our homes. There are at least 15 vehicles parked out on the street and then there are the ones that still park in front of houses. What are we to do? For now the only thing we can do so that we don't have to pay a tow bill is, I have to wake up at 3:30 am every morning, wake my four kids up get them all dressed and drive my husband down to my moms or his dads which is 20 minutes away, so that my husband can park the truck somewhere safe where no one will bother it and so it isn't towed. Then I have to come back home put my kids back to sleep then wake them up at 6:30 am to get them ready for school. How practical is that? It's absolutely ridiculous. And we shouldn't have to do it and what about the other guys who don't have a place around to go to. what is he to do?  Quit? Find a other job? Drive his personal vehicle? A Lot of these guys can't drive  there personal vehicles because all there supplies are in there vehicles. I even know some ppl who there company vehicle is there only vehicle.  I really do not see what the big deal is with parking in the neighborhood if there is room. I understand a 18 wheeler is a little inpracticle. These are not 18 wheelers we are asking to park. We pay our Hoa dues, and our taxes and should have the same rights as everyone else. I guess anyone who has a commercial vehicle will have to move. And with the market the way it is that is just as inpracticle.

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I symphatize with your problem. I cannot tell from your message the size of the truck. If the only difference between your truck and those that aren't being ticketed is the lettering, there may be a solution. Purchase blank magnetic signs and place them over the lettering on the doors when you park. I've seen some government vehicles do this to be less noticeable. Watch and see if your vehicle is still targeted. Good luck.

 I am having the same problem your husband is having. I drive a 2006 Toyota Prius, a take home work vehicle, that has 2 small 'Miller Genuine Draft" logo's on both the driver and passenger sides of the car( I work for a Miller/Coors distributor). I also have been fined (more than $1400 dollars!!) while others have not been bothered. My advice to you and your husband would be to seek a attorney-if you have to obey the HOA rules, so should everyone else. But until you do, Magnets are definetly a option.  The reasons HOA adopt these rules is to discriminate against certain occupations they deem "blue collar" or otherwise not worthy to live in that neighborhood. I wish you luck!

I have a problem.... on my street there is at least 3 business that I know of... The home owners have trucks parked on the street..( 18 wheeler purple) 2 construction companies.. park there work vehicles in the yard on the grass... It looks like a junk yard.. and ruins the streets look.. what can I do?

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