Pulte-built homes - problems with water

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We live in a Pulte-built home, about 8 years old.  Anyone else experiencing problems with water seeping into the ceiling, walls, basement?

A Pulte representative came to our house to inspect a basement water complaint.  Pulte stated the reason why water is getting into the basement is because the landscaping (which by the way, was graded and installed by Pulte) is too close to the brick and is blocking the weep holes.  So, the brick is acting like a sponge and the water is finding its way into the basement.  It was also suggested that a 3 foot hole be cut into our finished basement wall to look for cracks in the foundation.  If cracks are found, Pulte recommended a Water Sealing Company to fix the repair ... at our cost!  Needless to say, we are pretty disappointed in Pulte's response, but we didn't expect anything different from them.  Once again, it's time to duck and dash and ignore the issues in the community - just like the issues with the siding and insulation a few years back. 

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?  Please respond.  Thank you!  

I had a window leak when I move in but Pulte repaired it.

We had the very same issue. All we had to do was caulk around the molding and trim around the front door where the concrete meets the molding. We were told the issue was the fact they put the molding around the front door and then poured the concrete. This causes the water to seep through the cracks between the concrete and wood.  We also took out all of our landscaping and replaced it all and regraded around the house to be sure there was no way the water could reach the bricks. We ran a few french drains away from the house. This was all done about 3 years ago and we have not seen any problems since with water in the basement. 



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