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If our HOA fees do not pay for my water or sewage, if they do not pay for snow removal off the sidwalk in front of my house that everyone uses.if they do not pay for mowing my lawn, or insurance to my structure, and if they do not pay for pool maintenance; where are our fees going?

Please refer to the budget which will be coming out in this newsletter. I think you will find there are many expenditures you are unaware of and that this neighborhood does a lot with very small dues. If you have further questions, please consider attending a board meeting to have your concerns addressed.
HOA fees

I just saw your message and realize this may be a non-issue by now, but I wanted to make sure your concerns are addressed.

Your HOA fees *do* pay for pool maintenance, cleaning, chemicals, etc. We have a neighbor who monitors the pool daily, adjusting chemicals, etc., which saves the HOA *tons* of money (and in turn, keeps *your* HOA fees low) versus having to hire an outside contractor (the best of whom, by the way, would only visit our pool 3 times a week).

This year's pool closures were necessary to keep the water safe after heavy use and because a firecracker somehow got stuck in the filtration system, which increased the phosphate levels beyond acceptable limits.

Keeping a pool in a safe and healthy condition is not an easy task (you may be interested in contacting South Jordan City for the related Health Code), and the occasional closure is not uncommon, although it is, unarguably, inconvenient.

Besides pool maintenance, your HOA fees pay for maintenance of the parks and green spaces, winter time street snow plowing, and many other things.

In fact, if you wish to attend the upcoming HOA Board meeting scheduled for September 6th in the Clubhouse, our Treasurer will be going over the entire budget of exactly what you are getting for, what many would say, is a very low HOA fee.

I hope I've addressed your concern. Please feel free to contact me or stop in at an HOA meeting if you'd like to discuss this or any other matter further.


/s/ Perry Bsharah

Attend a meeting or call western mgmt and ask for a P&L they will give it to you anytime.

There is nothing confidential about all of our money.

I have asked for this P&L many times to review how we are doing as a community.
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