Holiday Park Neighborhood Association

Barking Dogs

Posted in: Holiday Park
The City Code has a paragraph limiting the time a dog can disturb others----10 minutes max. There seems to be several residents that have no regard to their neighbors in this respect.

It seems the Association should inform all residents of this restriction in a manner that would make those with noisy dogs realize what they are doing to their neighbors----and correct the problem.
Barking Dogs

There seems to be a number of noisy dogs on 23rd Terrace N. with owners that have no regard for their neighbors or are totally deaf to their pets. At some time of the day one or more animals are barking and/or howling for times exceeding one hour. During this time of year when the weather would permit one to have their windows open to allow fresh air into the house, it is not possible with such deafing sounds from these animals. It seems if the city has a Code it should enforce it. Our Association Representatives should see that this happens in a timely manner.
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