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Traffic Calming

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Traffic Calming is a method of reducing traffic speed by the construction of physical barriers (such as speed humps, raised intersections, and narrowed roadways). In your opinion, are there any areas in Holiday Park that should be considered for traffic calming? Conversely, are you opposed to any traffic calming devices in Holiday Park?
Traffic Calming----NO

We don't need any of those man-made bumps in the streets of our neighborhood. Our tax money can be spent on better things than that, like fixing up what's broken now. There are pot holes in some of the streets now that will slow down traffic.

If you want to live with speed bumps, buy a house on 71st St. or other places where the 'bumps' are already in place.

Traffic Calming

I note one Negative answer to this subject and then sometime later a ballot is mailed (apparently to all land owners)to Agree or Disagree with a Plan to 'muck up' our streets with un-necessary tax wasting protrusions. Get Real people----let's spend our tax money for worthwhile improvements. I had to spend 37 cents to voice my NO to the city. Hopefully there is a majority in this NICE area that will agree with me.
Traffic Calming

I spent my 37 cents too for a NO vote. It was nice to see that the majority of the voters on this issue had enough sense to put this issue aside. Our tax money can be spent for better things than 'bumps in the road' and narrowed intersections. Get real people and when you get behind the wheel of the car act like a civilized human being. Then you won't have time to thing about such half-cocked ideas.
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