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I am thinking of moving to Kenwood. I am a single female. I own no dog to protect me. I don't have money for security systems. It would just be me. I know St Pete crime is bad in any area because it's a big city. I am young, never owned a home. Some people tell me Kenwood is bad, other people say it is great. Who to better ask than the residents themselves? You seem to offer a lot of things I would love to have in my life and I want to consider that while you are in an area close to the urbanization of St Pete,you may be a great area for me. Please tell me honestly what you think. Is there any way I could get info on the crime? I noticed the police and safety link is down.

By cora
Crime: better now than before

Being in an urban area Historic Kenwood does have its share of problems, however with the very proactive neighborhood association and very concerned neighbors the area has improved tremendously over what it was even five years ago. We have an excellent community policing program that, even with its problems, has made life for criminals difficult in Kenwood. You will find that it is easy to get to know most if not all of your neighbors which makes for a closer knit neighborhood and usually means that someone is watching out for your house even though you did not ask them to. People sit on their front porches at night and talk with neighbors so their isn't that closed off feeling so common in other neighborhoods. I hope you choose Historic Kenwood and come to love it as much as my wife and I do. Don't be paranoid about coming to what most of us who live in Kenwood feel is the best place in the Tampa bay area to live and grow.

By Paul B
From one single Female to anothe

Hi Cora,
I have lived in Kenwood for the last 10 years and am very happy to say that I feel very safe here, Although I do have two dogs. One of the important things to remember in any neighborhood you choose to live in is your own personal awareness. As long as you make sure that you have a well lit yard and street and be aleart when coming and going you should be able to avoid potential problems. Also, might want to make sure that your back yard does not have a high privacy fence(keeps people from looking in but also keeps someone hidden from view if they are in). I love this neighborhood and would not want to live anywhere else. Great neighbors, great community. If you should like to talk more please feel free to e-mail me directly.


By Alpphy
From another single female

I live alone, have no security system and a dog that doesn't bark at any body except the cat down the street. I have lived here over two years and never have had any problem what so ever. I don't know of any body that has been robbed or has had a reason to be afraid. But,only you can make that decision, so I would suggest that you read the paper on Sunday and look at the stats that are published. See what kind of calls the police are responding to in this neighborhood and make your decision on that. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. This neighborhood is great..The people are great and I am confident you would love it here. Hope to see you soon.....

By Kathy
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