Open Letter - WE DON'T CARE !

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That?’s right! We don?’t care about who gets the credit for helping the Argyle area. We don?’t care who tells us ?“No!?” nor who says ?“It cannot be done!?” or ?“Let the government do it.?” We don?’t care if we step on a few toes in order to improve the community as a whole.

We don?’t care that the AACC has never collected one dime from the membership, yet the six-hundred-plus ?“members?” have worked together with our government representatives to win numerous improvements for all the families within the sphere of influence, both in Clay and in Duval Counties.

What we care about is the fact that people from every neighborhood are taking part in the improvement of our community. We care that individual as well as collective needs are being met. We care that we are participating in government and that we are learning to help our elected officials better serve us. We care that there is better planning going on, that our leaders seek our input on issues that will impact your quality of life.

We care that the Argyle area continues to be known as a safe one, and that people continue to take an active roll in helping the area be more attractive, a better place to raise a family, and to educate children. We care that everyone in the area has opportunities for personal growth and development. We care that learning to read becomes a priority, and that anyone wanting to learn has a mentor available.

To that end, we thank everyone who has participated, and who has helped make the needs of the community known. We thank all of those who expended tireless energy to improve of our lives.

Now we look to the future.

David Reagan set as personal objectives to: (1) contact the presidents of every Home Owners?’ Association, inviting their participation, and (2) plan a meeting of HOA presidents and business owners.

Allen Durant is taking responsibility for attaining IRS 501c status for the AACC, and for developing a brochure that explains our purpose and goals.

David Hodges will continue to assist with transportation and traffic, and will also be responsible for bringing desirable businesses and jobs to the area.

Marie Splane is improving internal information, and has offered to take the minutes of the meetings.

Bill Lewis will continue keeping us informed of happenings that affect our neighborhoods, and will oversee the growth of our e-list to 1000 ?“members.?”

Henry Mooneyhan continues to lead the effort to make certain that the AACC Learn to Read program successfully develops mentors to teach the joys of reading to area children and adults.

This past week, we announced that people were needed to assist with writing grants. Five people responded. All asked to become involved in identifying and helping to write hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of grants from a variety of sources.

All At-Large and all District-Specific members of the City Council have received letters asking for suggestions and guidance about what goals the AACC might consider during the coming months and years. The Argyle area is becoming an example for others to follow.

Now, the AACC needs your thoughts, ideas and recommendations too. We are the quintessential ?“grassroots?” organization, dedicated to the use of the internet for economical communication, and to hearing the voice of every individual.

After reviewing what some individuals have brought to fruition during the past few months, the phrase ?“An army of one?” definitely comes to mind.

A sign on President Ronald Reagan?’s desk read, ?“It is amazing how much can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit!?”

By Kenneth Bible - AACC President
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