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What The HECK! Just noticed that my fence along with a dozen or so signs, fences and mailboxes in the neighborhood got tagged.  I believe this happened last night because I only noticed it today (5/21).  Most of the damage is confined to Village Parkway.  I'm hoping that someone saw something and has the courage to come forward and tell the community who did this.  Nowhere in America is it okay to mess with other people's stuff!


Oh, and one more thing, don't we pay for SAPD to patrol the neighborhood? And what would it take to add 1 or 2 street lamps or make Village Parkway a gated entrance??



Hey back at you. 

No one uses this site, (I just happen to be here looking for an old post. Go to and sign up, people there participate quite a bit more, This site never took off, HOA could be bothered with promoting or advertising it, someone there has already mentioned this problem, though I don't know if anything has been done about it.

Grafitti should be reported to 311, call and tell them.  Or if you're a smart phone user, there's an app at Though from what I hear it's actually easier to just speak to someone, because the app make you figure out if it's public or private property and had nothing to accomodate when it's both or you just don't know.

And yes, we do pay our HOA for services that are clearly lacking in quality, but that's a whole other discussion.

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