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If you read the Mayor's Message of November, 2011, you will find that our little city's mayor stated that the newer and better city website (paid for by our tax money) would contain a resident forum page.  However, at the moment, that is not what really is the truth.  There is NO resident forum page.  Why not?  What cahnged between November of 2011 and now?


Why can the neighborhood watch leadership group NOT post on the site?  Why does the neighborhood watch leadership group have to first send neighborhood watch announcements to the mayor for his approval? 


Exactly who is allowed to post on the resident-financed website?  Is the site just a bully-pulpit for the mayor?  What purpose does it serve the majority of the residents? 


What an ingenious method to stiffle resident debate on issues (or at least it appears that way.... just saying); create a "new better much improved" website that does not allow resident comment, and pay for it with resident tax money.... can't get a better deal than that if one has a thin skin.

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