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02-08-12 Meeting Minutes

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Westleigh Neighborhood Association Meeting

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 6:30pm

Vegas Verdes Elementary School’s Multi Purpose Room

 4000 El Parque Ave

Las Vegas, NV  89102





1)         Welcome and Introductions:  in attendance where Shawn Spanier, President; Dan Connell, Vice President, Dana Russell, Secretary and 12 neighbors


2)         Variances:  Notices were received by Shawn, scanned and emailed to the Westleigh Neighborhood email list.  It listed (3) billboards; a Loanmax; a restaurant; and meeting dates for the Planning Commission


3)         Neighborhood Watch Street Signs; “Please Join” forms and window decal: Shawn is submitting to Bolden Area Command the placement for the Neighborhood Watch Signs.  The April Meeting flyers will be asking each neighbor to contribute $1.00 to help defray the costs for the signs.  If anyone completes the "Please Join" form, they are getting the orange window decal to show their participation.


4)         How to garner neighborhood participation and support:  

            (A) Best if flyers were distributed to the homes which will occur for the April 11th meeting. 

            (B) It was suggested we mail out Meeting Notices to new neighbors.  Our Neighborhood Planner, Anne Kilponen, provided me a list which I will use for the April Meeting and May 19th Porch mailers.  If you know of a neighbor who isn't on our email list, please have them email me at to get on the list.

            (C) Bring in a guest speaker for April Meeting.  Suggestion where:

                        1.         NVEnergy and lighting for the alley.  Known as the PAL Program.  It no longer is being offered but they will continue to support existing customers.

                        2.         Gardener and curb appeal

                        3.         Plumber and irrigation tips

                        4.         Real estate agent and how to preserve/increase property value

            (D) Change the day and time of week of meeting


5)         Public Comments

(This period is open to resident comments on neighborhood issues or concerns.  Out of respect to all participants, please limit comments to no more than 5 minutes.  Discussions requiring more time may be extended or can be requested to be addressed at future meetings)

            A.        Construction in NE corner of Charleston and Decatur in the neighborhood of Circle Park -   The sidewalks are being widened for multi-use bike and pedestrian as part of a Safe Routes to School project that will run down Hinson and connect with Vegas Verdes.

            B.        Construction completion dates - A letter was received, scanned and emailed via Neighborhood List.


Councilwoman Tarkanian had Public Works Director Jorge Cervantes on Access City Council to discuss each road construction project and the timelines for each. While it’s still airing on television, you can also watch it online at the following link:


            C.        Traffic through the neighborhood - Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) emailed.  Stated they would post signs to keep traffic from using Westleigh to avoid construction zones and brought in a speed tracker trailer on Westleigh

            D.        Metro's response to burglaries - response from Crime Prevention Specialist "It depends on the crime, the factors and the solvability factors. The cases are reviewed based upon evidence, witness etc. regarding the case. The ultimate decision lies with the property crimes detective and Sergeant."

            E.        The commercial blding at the end of Melville on Charleston, recently painted green - is the business of a psychiatrist who is interested in the neighborhood.

            F.         Variance for Casita/Multiple dwelling - Anne stated that the City Council would have to be contacted.


6)         Adjournment 



The Westleigh Neighborhood Association and Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Planner, Anne Kilponen at 229-4609

Thanks You for Your Time

And Your Pride in Our Neighborhood!



Check out and contribute to your neighborhood website:

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