Disgusting homeowners at 2701 Cedar Ln

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Just want to let eveyone know about the conditions at 2701 Cedar Ln.  I have lived next door for over 3 1/2 years and have filed multiple complaints with our HOA but nothing happens.  The homeowner and all the people that live there are pigs.  They constantly have trash in the yard, under the bushes, next to their house and in their backyard.  About a year ago I had to extend my fence on the side so I would not see their trash which they empty out ther side window but now they have filled that area with trash, car parts and materials the homeowner uses in his business.  Its so bad that I have decided to sell and move this summer; if I can sell it with them next door!


I have also contacted our HOA management company, CIA Services, but they don't do anything.  They don't even inspect this neighborhood on a recurring basis (as much as I can tell).


Hopefully you have better neighbors than mine.  Does anyone know how to post pictures to this site? Let me know.


Scott Fritts


2705 Cedar Ln

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Mr. Fritts,


Sorry to hear that you plan to plan to move summer.


I just want to take the time to answer your concern. C.I.A. Services like Woodland Oaks HOA does not power over what goes on in a homeowner's back yard--except for things like sheds--not meeting the HOA's Design Guide. They only other option is to file a complaint on the city's website.  Yes, we received your pictures (taken from your side of the fence) and filed two complaints with the city (one by C.I.A. Services and the other by WOHA) plus the one I believe you already submitted. Unfortunately, the residence you referrence isn't the only property that has been reported to the city. We also filed complaints for basketball hoops (through the city and PD) and fences.


Your statement: "They don't even inspect this neighborhood on a recurring basis (as much as I can tell)." is inaccurate. C.I.A. Services started performing monthly inspections last year. Before that, we had three volunteers (me and two others) would put courtesy door hangers hoping they would correct the problem. On several cases, we experienced a combination of verbal abuse and indifference. In one case, I almost got run over by a homeowner. No one has stepped up (in 10+yrs) to help so we had to start paying an outside source to do the inspections and send out letters for legal purposes.


We're trying to do what we can within the laws that govern what HOA's can--and--can't do. It's is a frustration for us as it is for you--believe me. The problem is that more and more people are becoming less interested in following any rules. What I don't understand is way purchase a hope in a deed restricted community if you don't plan to follow simple rules.

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